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Too much educational indoctrination and fraud.

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  • We hope you can find everything you need. John Glonor University Online is focused on providing high-quality travel and financial educational programs, with life long learning strategies and courses.
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  • John Glonor University Online goal is to meet the demand of education without financial burden. Anyone post high school to retirees can enroll in the university and take classes online. The University is praxis driven. That is, to help students bring theory into practice and make education realistic.
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  • The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates and the great teachers inspires. The vision of John Glonor is to Inspire students or learners to reach their highest potential and succeed without financial burden. Remember knowledge is power!
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Avoiding Medical Misdiagnosis

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Critical Thinking

Healing and Praxis Philosophy

Saving for and Early Retirement

Read about Natural Non-Medication Prescriptions for Health and Wealth in NYC Praxis FIRE Prescriptions'

FIRE Mean: Financial Independent Retire Early  

Also, did you know that Nightingale was the first online (distance learning) educator? Read about it at: “Nightingale Online Praxis and Prevention of Cyber-Attack” is out.

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Praxis is a critical thinking process that can be applied to any daily decision-making process, such as deciding whether or not it is smart to download a free online program, know when to walk away from a toxic job, a dysfunctional relationship or to stop using your home as a bank, and living in debt.

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